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07 September 2012

Museums, planetariums, exhibitions, exhibit design & production, cultural attractions, science centers & interactive educational displays


    China & Asia

    Coverage of theme parks and attractions development in China and Asia.

    Theme Parks & Theme Park Design


    Articles by and about people and projects of Thinkwell Group.

    Super 78

    George Walker

    How special venue is reacting to advancing mainstream cinema (George Walker, 2012)

    Thorburn Associates

    Guide to China's evolving business climate (Lisa Thorburn, 2012)

    Marketing/customer service/social technologies

    Dan Martin

    19 December 2011

    Middle East & Europe

    Coverage of theme park, museum and visitor attraction development in the Middle East and Europe, and European companies.

    Animal Attractions

    Coverage of zoos, aquariums and animal attractions at theme parks and other venues.

    31 December 2010

    Audiovisual systems, cinema, digital media, fulldome, 4D, media based attractions, immersive guest experiences, giant screen cinema and special venue media

      Attendance statistics, feasibility & other numbers for the global attractions industry

      23 December 2010

      World's Fairs, international expos and mega-events

      Roller coasters, dark rides, water park rides, 4D and immersive storytelling experiences

      Legal & Financial Issues in the themed enertainment industry

      Martin Palicki

      Martin Palicki is the editor and publisher of InPark Magazine.

      Judith Rubin

      Judith Rubin is Co-Editor of InPark Magazine and a prolific writer, editor and publicist within the themed entertainment industry.

      BRC Imagination Arts

      Stories about projects designed by BRC Imagination Arts, founded by Bob Rogers (pictured).

      22 December 2010

      Gary Goddard Entertainment

      Articles about attraction designer Gary Goddard and his company's projects.

      Ben Dickow

      Ben Dickow is creative director at Lexington.

      Kim Rily

      Kim Rily is a contributing editor to InPark Magazine.


      Articles contributed by and concerning The Hettema Group.

      Michael Reid

       Michael Reid is director of Iconpath, a themed experience consultancy.


      Articles contributed by Utopia Entertainment Inc.

      Digital Signage

      Visitor attractions

      David Paul Green

      David Paul Green is principal of Monteverdi Creative, Inc.


      Themed Entertainment Association

      Updates about the Themed Entertainment Association, its people, member companies, events, special publications, the Thea Awards, SATE conference, TEA Summit, and other activities.

      Cruise Ships

      Articles about cruise ships, their support industry and the cruise ship business.

      Guest experience on the high seas: Royal Caribbean and FUNA team up to make floating magic (Judith Rubin, summer 2011)

      Haunted Attractions

      Articles about Halloween at theme parks, haunted attractions and the haunts business.

      Mad Systems

      Mad Systems Inc. is an audiovisual systems integration company. Maris Ensing (pictured) is CEO.

      Interviews & Company profiles